is the on line service website / contact centre for the Institute of CardioRetinometry®eec (Reg.US.Pat+) a not for profit UK and European division affiliated to the World Institute of Optometry and CardioRetinometry®. It provides the DOptom qualification for GOC, USA and other properly registered Optometrists, and education for the examinations of the Doctorate in CardioRetinometry (DCardioRet)

HeartSavers Ltd is the intervention/service arm of the Institute providing service to registrants for the arrest and unavoidable reversal of arterial (heart) disease. This is the monitoring of the retinal - and through it the coronary and cerebrostriate artery disease which predispose to coronary thrombosis – the main cause of all deaths – stroke, aneurysm and possibly much circulatory disease of the kidneys, legs, Angina, etc.

This is purchased for £450 for the first year  programme of monitoring and photography, reducing to half and less as the registrants become familiar with the routine and how to control their heart health. Cardiologist Dr Matthias Rath MD states (p39 Why Animals Don´t Get Heart Attacks . . . But People Do!) that when the coronary artery deposits are stopped, a heart attack would not occur. Prof Bush prefers to state that when the deposits in the retinal arteries (equivalent to heart) are not only arrested but in regression, it must be even more certain that no heart attack would occur! Those who fail to comply, or whose disease cannot be regressed, are advised so, and may be discharged from the programme. Smokers and alcoholics should not apply. They will be detected.

Registrants pay the Optometrist or Chiropractor whose staff can capture and transmit 45 degree retinal images for evaluation and prescribing by the Institute. The Eye in Heart Logo may be displayed by all Institute Members and Fellows (Doctors of CardioRetinometry®)  Foundation Membership is still available for £99 but will eventually rise to £400 p.a for Non-Foundation members. Membership accesses the Doctor of CardioRetinometry course (DCardioRet) for autonomous practice.

Newly qualified? Enjoy a free first year Foundation Membership. Registrants pay the Optometrist £10 to £20 per set of images depending on work involved. A receptionist is often capable. Images are usually taken at the beginning, after 3 months and then every six months without needing to see the registrant.


Registrants are taught how tom source nutrients, compare costs and have been known to save the entire cost of the first year programme within wo years simply by learning how to avoid ridiculous prices.
Why did you not hear about this in 2006/7/8/9/10? Publishing politics in pharmacy beholden journals. I stated that "in April 2011 Optometry will change for ever."  My promise is coming true.

Professor Sydney J. Bush DOpt. PhD.
Director World Institute of Optometry and CardioRetinometry®
Skidby House, Skidby Mill. Hull  E.  Yorkshire TEXT World-Wide  to 0044-7932162223  (UK 07932162223)